Celebrating the Founders Day of St.Anthony’s College

Exactly 178 years ago, on a day like any other the world bore witnesss to something extraordinary. It witnessed the birth of a legacy, the birth of a new age. For it was on the 11th of March in 1844 that  St.Anthony’s College Kandy was founded by Rev. Fr. Orazio Bettachini. ‘‘It’s the smallest seedlings that often grow into century old oaks’‘  which indeed is true as St.Anthony’s College started with a mere handful of students has grown and risen above all others to become one of the greatest the world has ever known.

As Antonians both past and present remember and relive the memory of their origin story the school itself was decorated in splendid colours and a sermon was held to invoke the blessings of God Almighty. Which was followed by Rev. Fr. Henry Bernard Wijeratne and Rev. Fr. Gregory Fernando blessing the school and all those to whom St.Anthony’s is a home than any other. For St.Anthony’s College isn’t just a school but a family forged with the memory of those before us, the hearts of those among us and the hopes of those yet to play a part in its glory. May the fame of this hallowed institution rise and fly above all others like the eagle engraved in its very standards.


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